your very bones

drag at my veins


Kitten pirate girlthing. I dream of
ocean waves and seastars and fists full of seaweed. I am part of a faery
tale. Don't forget that faery tales, true ones, have heart aches and tragedy
besides glitter and pixie kisses.

i am made of fire and soil. flame and earth. i belong in water, in wet dew
kissed grass, in forests with trees that scrape the sky. i adore portland,
paris, london. i want to make films and live by the sea. someday.

photos x deviant


(yes please), air, alice in wonderland, attached to spikes leg, billy!, biscuit, boys with eyeliner, british boys, chickens playing gospel organ, chup a lots, clem and joely, coldplay, dandy warhols, disneyland, dogwood trees, dolly lolly lo, dustbi, edward !, esotsm, eternal sunshine, faux corsets, foreign money, fotographie, fuckarella, fuzzy little chinchillas, half-shells, harlequin sunglasses, home movies, indie rock, jack the ripper, jesus on a tricycle, kurt halsey, lipgloss in sea shells, lost in translation, love under a streetlamp, mermaid dreams, moses on a motorbike, mystina, nerdy glasses, neverland, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, no cooters, no pop pop, no squat, old dusty photographs, on the dotted line, opium dreaming, opium muffins, peter pan, pooh bear, pulling on heartstrings, queen adreena, running after the moon, salty sea air, sarah slean, sex, sexuality, sigur ros, snowflakes on my eyelashes, starlettes, talkie walkie, tea parties, the ocean, the topless vegetarian society, tori amos, treebeard smoking pot, wendy darling, witch hunter robin, yum & then some, yummy boys