but never jam today
little girlthing little tulips the past, darling. kiss me under {this drenched sky}
[11 Mar 2005|03:28pm]
Please don't ask me if you can use this journal, because it isn't going to happen.
I have quite a few archives here and I'm not willing
to get rid of them.

Thank you!
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[13 Jul 2004|08:43pm]
moved --> tangledlimbs
if you want to follow, add me and i'll add you back.
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she doesn't live here anymore [12 Jun 2004|12:35am]

you can follow or not. follow the trail of
animal cookie crumbs. (& pick up the sprinkles)
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*grins hugely* [11 Jun 2004|07:47pm]
i knew i would get you.

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[11 Jun 2004|02:57am]
very good things;

› pretend we are mermaids and swish our fins in the bathtub
› wet skirts in the bath
› mailing letters at midnight
› gravel under my toes
› wind on my skin
› strange cats on the porch
› a stirring inside my organs, a rush to my veins
› avocados
› nick bantock books & harry potter & neil gaiman & letters at 2:56 am
› you and i bet you didn't know i was thinking of you.
› glue.
› lava lamps.
› my mickey mouse lamp that i have had since i can remember without a lamp shade lighting up my room and turning it into a half lit dream.
› curling up in bed with letters and books and taking sleep medicine and floating away.
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